Busy week of birthdays!

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The last week and a half has been full of birthdays! Logan turned 21 on Feb 18th! An my sister Mandy's birthday was the day after. She turned 26! We have been celebrating all week!

We went out to Ruby Tuesdays for Logans birthday with a group of close friends, where he had his first drinks as a 21 year old! woohooo! 

deciding what drink to order! 

Notice how his smile gets bigger with every drink!! lol

Someone was feeling a bit tipsy, got ahold of my phone and selfie'd to you guys on Instagram! XD

(@logansharp @tabs24xscore)

The drunk was strong with this one.... LOL

The final drink selfie. Look at that smile. LOLOLOL

After Ruby Tuesdays we needed back to our apartment with his friends and hung out for a bit. 

The day after was my sisters birthday! We actually didn't get to see her on the actual day, but we celebrated a day or two after with her. I watched Phee (my nephew) for her for a few hours while she went out with her Fiance Eric. 

The birhday cake I made for Logan! 

It had gummy bears and worms on it! hehe

A few days after his birthday we went to eat with Logans Mom at Apple Bee's for his birthday dinner.

It's one of his favorite places to eat.

THEN a day or so after that we went out to an Irish pub with my parents to celebrate! 


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