Coolest grocery store ever!

Written by Tabby Ridiman on .

Last week my Father and I went to one of my favorite places ever! Jungle Jim's (in Fairfield Ohio)

They have some of the coolest things ever there! And tons of foods from all over the world!

I took a few pics of the things that personally stuck out to me and that I thought were neat! LOL :D 

I love pickles so much! Especially garlic ones! 

Huge Hello Kitty Pez  dispenser!

Pig intestines anyone?! 

I've never seen ground kangaroo in any stores in Kentucky/Ohio besides at Jungle Jim's!

And this was the first time ever seeing ground llama! O.o

 Alligator jerky! I've actually gotten this before! And bought this one when I was there this time!

I love Rambutan! But I can never find it in stores near me!

Chocolate covered insects! AH! 

Kiwano (horned melon) :D

Tabby sized bananas :3 hehe

One day... I will try this.. lol

Selfies with an ostrich egg!

Whole dried squid!

There were little jello looking candies inside this!

I actually bought the buffalo wing soda to try in a video!

so much yes. I can't even!




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