Baby Harmony!

Written by Tabby Ridiman on .

This is Harmony,  Sambo's two month old adorable baby girl!

Harmony was born a month early only weighing four pounds.

She only weighs nine pounds right now. SO WEEDLE!

She is a little angel<3 I feel so blessed to be able to be in this babies life<3

Sambo is going to move to the same town I live in, very close to me.

She hasn't been in many videos lately because we live about two hours away from

each other. I'm going to help with the babies while she is finishing getting her G.E.D

I am so incredibly proud of her. She has turned into such a beautiful young woman, and

an amazing mother. She is so strong! While she was here over the weekend I snatched up the babies up!

She hardly even got to hold them! I also spoiled her a bit. We went shopping and I got some clothes

for her and the babies, hair dye, and a fake nail kit for me to do her nails! She needs a break every now

and then! I was up until four in the morning last night with my amazing niece and nephew so she could

sleep a full night. I have also turned my apartment into the ultimate baby play house! I have toys everywhere!

If you guys can't tell... I may kinda like babies :3 hehe

I am also helping Sambo set up her own Youtube channel this upcoming weekend when she

comes back to visit. Her channel will be full of all kinds of awesomeness!

There will be updates about the babies, her daily life and how she does it!

And of course... CRAZY RANDOMNESS! You know, what we do best! ;D

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