Tie dye time!

Written by Tabby Ridiman on .

I absolutely LOVE to tie dye shirts! Sambo, Becca, and I tie dyed shirts over the weekend!

We also tie dyed some shirts for Leiland! We took some of his old white shirts

that were stained too badlyto wear out, and tie dyed them!

You would never know that there stains were stained to high heavens! Lol!

We bought the tie dye kit at Wal-Mart for like ten bucks! And our

shirts we tie dyed were about three dollars a piece at Wal-Mart also!

I grabbed one of my old purple hair dyes to use to dye the shirts also!

Our blobs of awesomess! :D

I didn't only tie dye shirts.. I tie dyed my hands!! XD

I will post pictures of how all of our shirts turned out!

I am going to have a huge tie dying party soon! But not only using store bought dyes, but other natural

ways to dye fabric. Like berries and beet juice! I am going to get sheets, shirts, socks, ect. to tie dye!

It's also a great way to recycle old clothes. I made a video of me dying one of my favorite

shirts that got stained. I didn't want to just throw it away, so I dyed it! It personalizes the item,

and makes it unique! No one else in the world will have the exact same shirt or item you have created!

I think things like this are good for teens to keep them busy, and out of trouble.

You have have fun without drinking, and partying!

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