For those wondering about Sambo!

Written by Tabby Ridiman on .


Sambo has officially moved into my apartment with me!

I am helping her with the babies while she finishes getting her G.E.D

I am so glad to have her here! I've always been used to living with my family, and having babies

around so I was getting pretty lonely! I love having baby Harmony and Leiland here. They are such a joy, and gift<3

I am so proud of Sam for how strong she is! She is doing what a lot of women couldn't even

dream of. She will always have my love and support through anything.

She is my best friend, cousin, and sister<3


She is supporting the babies all on her own, and she is using the money from her new youtube channel to pay for them! If you guys have any ideas on what type of videos you would like to see on her channel, please let us know!

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