Frozen yogurt party!

Written by Tabby Ridiman on .

We had a small celebration for Phoenix's fourth birthday at a frozen yogurt bar! Eric is Mandy's amazingly awesome boyfriend who is holding Phee in the video, and Becca is my best friend! Her boss (she is a private nanny)  let her come to the small get together to join us for frozen yogurt! The little boy Becca nannies got upset with us while we were singing happy birthday! He is not shown in the video for privacy reasons :] This weekend we had another party for Phee with my whole family at Build  A Bear! I filmed while we were there, but I deleted all the footage by mistake! D; I was SO upset! I made a Hello kitty, Shelby made a husky, Phee made a panda, and Eric's son made a bear! Afterwards we all went out for pizza! Yum yum!

Thank you all SO much for all the birthday wishes! <3

I actually prefer frozen yogurt over ice cream! It's so yummy, and it's healthier for you!

If you haven't had it before, give it a try! :D

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