So... TIRED! -.-

Written by Tabby Ridiman on .

Today has felt so long!

My eye bawls BURNNN!!!!! D:<

I stayed the night at my parents house last night, because the day before I had a dentist appointment all the way up in Cincinnati!

(I'm in the process of moving back there) After we got back, I was just too tired to drive home to my apartment that, so I spent the night at the farm. I loved getting to spend time with my family! Me, Dad, and Shelby watched Nacho Libre before we went to bed! It's one of my favorite movies!! Jack Black is so goofy! XD

The next day we all just hung out a bit, and I took Mandy and Phee to get ice cream! Shelby decided to stay home from our ice cream journey. PARTY POOPER!!! :p

When we came back my Dad had cooked chicken for dinner! Shelby came back to my apartment with me to spend the night, because Phee has to get his casts (he was born with clubbed feet) changed tomorrow. My Dad works third shift and wouldn't be up in time to watch Shelby while Mom and Mandy were at the hospital with Phee, so I brought her back here with me! Tomorrow we are going to film some videos!! Woohoo! We are just taking it easy tonight. I'm about to crash. I'm soooo exhausted xp

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