What to look for this week!

Written by Tabby Ridiman on .

I was featured in a music video that is going to be released this week!

I had a super fun time filming with Alex (http://instagram.com/alexzayne

The video is for one of his songs called "RoundnRound"

I will be releasing a teaser to the video on my channel with all the info to see the full video SOON! 


My friend Paigee and I also have a photoshoot with Avery Ryan Photography (http://www.facebook.com/averyryanphotography) for http://www.shopwoollyton.com

We are modeling these two adorable necklaces! 

I will be posting all the pics from the shoot here, and I will also be making a video slideshow of them as well.

Woollyton and I are also going to have a giveaway and the winner gets to pick whatever necklace they want from the site. How sweet is that?!?! Be sure to enter when the time comes! 


I will be making videos for



http://www.youtube.com/tabs24x7RealLife also!


So make sure to check back here for new posts daily, and my channels for new videos! :D

Have a great weekend you guys! <3


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