CuteBoom Con!

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Hey #teamtabbycat! I am one of the special guests at CuteBoom Con this year! :D YAAY! Come stop by and say hi! <3 It's going to be super fun! I will be hosting a panel on how to start a YouTube channel! :D The con is April 24th-26th in Cincinnati Ohio! Check out this site for more details! <3 


Share a Coke with your souldmate!

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I was going through Honeymoon pics/video clips to edit into vlogs (coming soon!!) and came across this pic and started to smile. We were snorkeling in Grand Turk and I took a break, then decided to go to the little beach bar to buy a Coke. The one I got said "Share a Coke with your soulmate".. So perfect! So I shared it with my amazing soulmate and husband Logan, but only a little because I was thirsty as crap and I take my coke very seriously. LOL 


Click here to see our wedding/honeymoon playlist!

Me in my wedding dress!

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A few pictures of me in my wedding dress! :D

My dress and veil are from David's Bridal, along with my necklace and bracelet. I wore TOMS with my wedding dress, but they were too big on my little baby feet because they didn't make the ones I wanted in child sizes! I ended up taking them off at the reception to dance!

Almost wedding time!!


This was about twenty minutes before the ceremony started!

I was sending my last text to Logan before the ceremony.

I have it screenshot and saved on my phone! hehe

I was going outside to take a picture with Logan. We each stood on the side of the building so we couldn't seeeach other! I started balling my eyes out the minute I felt his hand. (those pictures are soon to come!)

I was a little fluffball of white!

I was so excited and nervous!

This was taken at the reception!

Click here to see the video!


What Makeup I used for my wedding!

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Makeup Products I used to get ready

Pro Brow brush from Sephora
Pro Fan brush from Sephora 
unknown blush brush (came in a set from Walmart)
Eco tools foundation brush
Fit Me concealer
Then I mixed
ELF makeup lock and seal 
with my foundation
Rimmel Londan Clean Finish foundation
Then went over it with 
ELF Pressed Powder Foundation
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil
For Eyes
Covergirl Ink it! Eyeliner
unkown natural colored eyeshadow
Maybelline New York Great Lash *water proof*
unknown dark brown color pressed powder used for brows
Lipstick (unknown) color raspberry satin
Click here to see the video!

update about the wedding videos!

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Little video progress update for my #teamtabbycat! I have gotten a few videos finished, and will be uploading them tonight! I will be making a whole playlist and uploading them in order, so if you just click on the playlist, and see our whole journey starting with when we got engaged, to us at our wedding, and all the little in between things like decorating the venue for the wedding, me getting ready, slideshows, and more!  There will also be many blog posts here with more details and stories from all the events! After we get back from our honeymoon (we leave the 27th) I will be adding videos of adventures from our trip! Many goodies to come! Thank you all so much for the tremendous amount of love ad support from you guys