Eye/health update

Written by Tabby Ridiman on .

Long stressful day filled with good and lame news. I've been having vision issues with my right eye (the only one I can see out of) and we were worried the cat scratch fever came back (it started out in both eyes in the beginning). Luckily, it didn't. I still had blood work done today to make sure and check for other stuff. He is pretty sure the vision in my right eye is caused by migraines due to the stress of my right eye (I get them for about three days at a time, rest for a day and a half, then it's back again) He is rushing to get me in faster to see a neurologist to check everything out (I've been waiting to get in for weeks now.), and to see if I might have MS. I lost most feeling in my fingers and can hardly use them anymore. Also I have to start wearing glasses. Not to help my vision at all (because it won't) but to help protect my only good eye left.  All the swelling on my left eye is gone, and all the tissue is healing, but sadly the vision is the same in it. Feeling super bleh. So glad to be home and in bed. Going to watch an episode of Breaking Bad, and then get some much needed good sleep. So ready to be healthy again... Sheesh

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