Kids nowadays..

Written by Tabby Ridiman on .

"I can't believe kids nowadays..." news flash everyone. There has ALWAYS been kids like this, everyone just has camera phones now and everything gets exposed. So much gets shared and posted on the internet, and I hear people say things all the time like "why are you sharing this with the world?" the internet is not "the world".. Now, I know what they mean by that because you are indeed, sharing with people from all over the globe, rather then just the people in your area. But some peoples whole lives revolve around it (mine does a lot, but this is also my career.) I think we forget sometimes that we are sharing with "the world" and something small can turn into something big. There is life outside the internet, and not everything needs to be posted on it. Sadly in some cases people choose not to share something on the internet, and someone else makes the decision for them. People are so much more judgmental and cruel because they don't have to say what they're typing to that persons face. They can hide behind their screen. Is it someone showing their true opinion, or just troling? I think a little of both to be honest. Too many people feel obligated to post EVERYTHING on the internet like it's a requirement. You DO NOT have to post or share anything. And be careful what you decide to share.  I will even admit it. I was more of the picture on the right rather the left. I had always been "the ugly weird kid" and when I hit puberty I became "beautiful". I got so many positive feedback from people and it was a nice change. It made me feel confident and happy about myself. I made "I gotta ferret' for my best friend and it ended up going viral. Almost seven years later, here I am. Allll over the internet. lol I had actually deleted all my accounts and everything when it did go viral, but people just kept reupload, and posting everything I had taken down and making money off of it. I decided to go back on the internet and try and make the best out of everything. It was hard but I had a lot of help by my Mother, who I am forever grateful to. If I could go back and change some of the decisions I made when I was younger, I would in a heartbeat. 14 is SUCH a hard age for girls. Our body is developing, and we aren't exactly sure how to take the change. We want to be women, but still are little girls with a more developed body. Some are insecure and any positive feedback you get can feel great. Everyone loves to hear happy positive things about their self. At the time I honestly had no idea how powerful the internet was, and soon found out. It was hard, and incredibly scary. When mistakes were made in the past before the internet was the way it is now (or not even created yet for some) it wasn't as hard. Now once something is posted, it can be screenshot, saved, and reposted for everyone to see. Even used as blackmail. Try to remember that with each feeling, thought, or picture to decide to share.

 I hope this helped reach out and touch someone and hopefully helped in someway. I love you all<3  




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