Me in my wedding dress!

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A few pictures of me in my wedding dress! :D

My dress and veil are from David's Bridal, along with my necklace and bracelet. I wore TOMS with my wedding dress, but they were too big on my little baby feet because they didn't make the ones I wanted in child sizes! I ended up taking them off at the reception to dance!

Almost wedding time!!


This was about twenty minutes before the ceremony started!

I was sending my last text to Logan before the ceremony.

I have it screenshot and saved on my phone! hehe

I was going outside to take a picture with Logan. We each stood on the side of the building so we couldn't seeeach other! I started balling my eyes out the minute I felt his hand. (those pictures are soon to come!)

I was a little fluffball of white!

I was so excited and nervous!

This was taken at the reception!

Click here to see the video!


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